Home Renovations That Return The Most At Resale

Renovations can make us happier in the places we call home, but some of the most dramatic updates can add real value when it’s time to sell. Since kitchen, deck and other upgrades can represent a significant cost, it’s helpful to know what kind of return you might expect before you decide to write a […]

Best Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

Are you in need of new home improvement marketing ideas to help grow your business? As a seasoned marketer, I like to do my best to help out companies in the home improvement industry who may be struggling to generate enough leads and salesthrough their old tried and tested marketing techniques (or just the usual Google ads). So, if you […]

5 Benefits of Home Improvement Projects

Are you on the fence about making some remodeling improvements to your home? Does the vision of a revitalized home fill you with hope, only for the reality of the price tag to send your spirits crashing back to earth? Well, waffle no more. A home remodeling project can really improve your life for years […]

Top 5 Sustainable Gardening Methods

Sustainable, organic gardening and permaculture are big topics! Everyone wants safe, organic fruits and vegetables and even eggs, which means many of the old “Victorian” practices of backyard gardens and keeping poultry and other animals are making a comeback. Many people are practicing urban agriculture in vacant lots and in backyards all over the country. […]

7 Benefits of Gardening That Prove It Helps Your Mind and Body

Gardening isn’t just about making your house look good (although a little curb appeal certainly never hurts). Caring for plants can also do wonders for your own wellbeing, an abundance of scientific research suggests. The physical exercise can contribute to a healthy weight and blood pressure levels, and just interacting with flora can improve your mood and mental […]


Overwhelmed by the many garden tools for sale? On a limited budget and can only afford the basics? Here are the 5 must have gardening tools you need. Gardening like so many other hobbies can evolve into a storage shed or garage full of every imaginable tool. Tool catalogs and gardening magazines have pages and pages of tools that […]

Common Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Technically to garden all you need is seeds, soils, sun, and water. But a lot of gardening is hard work that it made easier with the right tools. If you’re new to gardening and figuring out the basics, there are many gardening tools available that you should consider adding to your collection. For this article, […]

5 Ways to Maintain your Gardening Tools and Equipment

If you’re a seasoned green thumb, or even new to gardening, you’ll understand that good quality gardening tools and essential pieces of equipment make tasks easier and also you’re more successful with growing! When purchasing gardening tools it’s good to buy the best quality you can find. In the long run they will last longer, […]